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PID Temperature Controllers, Panel Indicators, Timers and Counters with Modbus interface.
Modbus and CANopen Input and Output Modules. PLC's and HMI's.


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Temperature Transmitters

ATEX Temperature Transmitters

Pixsys Electronics offers a specialized range of ATEX temperature transmitters designed for hazardous environments. These ATEX-compliant transmitters are equipped with RFID technology, enabling easy and secure programming through smartphone apps from the App Store or Play Store. With ATEX certification, these transmitters are suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, providing reliable temperature measurement with enhanced safety. Our ATEX temperature transmitters are available in various configurations, including head mount RTD and thermocouple options. Ensure precision and compliance in hazardous locations with Pixsys Electronics' advanced ATEX temperature transmitters.

DIN Rail Signal Transmitters

Pixsys Electronics offers a versatile range of DIN Rail Signal Conditioners, ideal for industrial applications. These transmitters are designed to be mounted on DIN Rails, providing easy integration into control panels and systems. With RFID technology, programming these transmitters is effortless using smartphone apps from the App Store or Play Store. Featuring data logging as a standard feature, these DIN Rail transmitters ensure accurate data recording for process monitoring and control. Additionally, some models come with isolation for improved performance and safety. Whether you require a DIN Rail RTD, thermocouple or universal signals converting, Pixsys Electronics provides reliable and efficient temperature measurement solutions for your automation needs.

Current Transformers

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Pixsys Electronics products are sold and supported by Datexel LLC in the USA.


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