CANopen Temperature Controller
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    • CANopen Temperature Controller
    • Modbus Temperature Controller
    • DIN Rail Mount
    • Analog and Digital output
    • 2 x SSR output
    • Soft start output
    • Retransmission Output
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CANopen Temperature Controller

Canopen Temperature Controller

Seamless Integration and Communication:

The DRR460 Temperature Controller is an innovative solution designed to deliver precise temperature management in a compact form factor. Engineered with robust materials and advanced features, the DRR460 offers unparalleled performance and flexibility for a wide range of industrial applications.

Compact Design, Powerful Performance:

Precision Temperature Control:

Versatile Inputs and Outputs:

Advanced Software Features:

Ordering Options:

Experience Precision Temperature Control with the DRR460:

DRR460 Specifications

Input °F °C
K type Thermocouple -436 to 2480°F -260 to 1360°C
S type Thermocouple -40 to 3200°F -20 to 1760°C
R type Thermocouple -40 to 3200°F -20 to 1760°C
J type Thermocouple -328 to 2192°F -200 to 1200°C
RTD PT100 -328 to 1112°F -200 to 600°C
RTD PT500 -328 to 284°F -200 to 140°C
NI 100 -76 to 356°F -60 to 180°C
NTC 10K Ohm Thermistor -40 to 257°F -40 to 125°C
PTC 1K Ohm Thermistor -40 to 302°F -40 to 150°C
PT500 -148 to 1112°F -100 to 600°C
PT1000 -148 to 1112°F -100 to 600°C
Voltage 0 to 10V
Current 0 to 20mA 4 to 20mA
Output 2 x SSR.
Power Supply 24 Vdc.
Power Consumption 2 W max.
Power Supply Operative- 32°F +113°F -0°C +45°C
Humidity (non condensing) 35-95%.
Housing Polycarbonate UL94V0 self-extinguishing
Dimensions 0.7 " x 3.5 " x 2.5", 18 x 90 x 64 mm.
Weight 1 oz 30 g.
EMC For industrial environments.
Immunity: EN 61000-6-2.
Emission: EN 61000-6-4.
Configuration PC Configurable, Memory Card

DRR460 Wiring Connections

Power Supply DRR460-12A-T128 DRR460-12A-CAN
Positive Terminal 1 Terminal 1
Negative Terminal 2 Terminal 2
Current and Voltage
Positive Terminal 13 Terminal 13
Negative Terminal 14 Terminal 14
Positive Terminal 13 Terminal 13
Negative Terminal 14 Terminal 14
Two Wire RTD
White Terminal 14 Terminal 14
Red Terminal 15 Terminal 15
Three Wire RTD
White Terminal 14 Terminal 14
Red Terminal 15 Terminal 15
Red Common Terminal 13 Terminal 13
White Terminal 14 Terminal 14
Red Terminal 15 Terminal 15
Canopen CanL 10
CanH 11
Modbus RS485 A- Negative 10
B+ Positive 11
Current Transformer Terminal 12
Terminal 16
Analog Positive 3 Negative 4
Positive 3 Negative 4
SSR Q1 Positive 5 Negative 6
Positive 5 Negative 6
SSR Q2 Positive 7 Negative 8
Positive 7 Negative 8


Modbus temperature controller modbus wiring diagram


Canopen temperature controller wiring diagram

DRR460 Temperature Controller FAQ

Q: What communication protocols does the DRR460 support?
A: The DRR460 supports two widely used communication protocols: CANopen and Modbus. These protocols enable seamless integration with existing industrial control systems, allowing for efficient communication and control.
Q: What are the key features of the DRR460's hardware?
A: The DRR460 boasts a compact design with dimensions of 18 x 90 x 64 mm, making it easy to integrate into control panels. It operates on a 24 VDC power supply with galvanic isolation up to 1.5KV and consumes a maximum of 3 W. Additionally, its robust construction ensures durability in harsh industrial environments.
Q: What types of temperature sensors are compatible with the DRR460?
A: The DRR460 is compatible with a wide range of temperature sensors, including thermocouples (types K, S, R, J, T, E, N, B), thermoresistances (PT100, PT500, PT1000, Ni100), and process signals (0-10 V, 0/4-20 mA, 0-60 mV). This versatility allows for flexible configuration to suit various industrial setups.
Q: How does the DRR460 ensure precise temperature control?
A: The DRR460 features advanced control algorithms, including ON-OFF with hysteresis, P, P.I, P.I.D, and P.D, which enable precise temperature regulation. Additionally, its high-speed sampling capability of 100 ms (10 Hz) ensures rapid and accurate temperature readings.
Q: Can the DRR460 communicate with other devices and control systems?
A: Yes, the DRR460 supports serial communication via RS485 Modbus RTU and CANopen protocols. This enables seamless communication with other devices and control systems, facilitating integration into complex industrial setups.
Q: What are the ordering options for the DRR460?
A: The DRR460 is available in different configurations to suit specific application requirements. For example, the DRR460-12A-T128 model includes 1 analog input, 2 SSR outputs (24 VDC / 50 mA), 1 analog output (mA), RS485 communication, and a Current Transformer (C.T.) input.

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