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Welcome to Pixsys Electronics - Your Trusted Partner in Process Control and Industrial Automation!
Established in early 1990, Pixsys Electronics has been a trailblazer in providing cutting-edge solutions for process control and industrial automation. With a strong commitment to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we have grown to become a market leader in various product categories.
Our product range spans across a diverse set of industries, and we take pride in our expertise in the following areas:

PID and Temperature Controllers
PID Controllers

Our advanced PID temperature controllers ensure precise and stable temperature control for a wide range of applications, optimizing your processes and enhancing overall efficiency.

Range of Panel Meters
Panel Meters

Keep critical parameters in check with our accurate and reliable panel indicators, delivering clear readings for precise process monitoring. With our range of Panel Meters using the latest OLED graphic high-resolution displays.

Programmable Logic Controllers
Analog and Digital PLC's

Experience seamless automation with our robust PLCs, designed to streamline complex tasks, increase productivity, and simplify programming.

HMI's and Panel PC
HMI's and Panel PC

Our intuitive HMIs provide a user-friendly interface for operators to interact with machinery and processes, enabling real-time monitoring and control.
Discover our powerful Panel PCs that offer computing capabilities in a compact and rugged design, suitable for industrial environments and applications.

CANopen and Modbus IO Modules
CANopen and Modbus IO Modules

Seamlessly integrate your industrial systems with our Modbus and CANopen IO modules, enabling smooth communication and data exchange between devices.

Timers, Tachometers.
Timers, Tachometers.

Precision Timekeeping and Speed Measurement Solutions: Explore Our Timers and Tachomet. Versersatile Modbus RTU Integration: Explore Our Timers, Tachometers, and More!

Counter with Modbus
Counter, Tachometers

Versatile Process Counters: Increase and decrease count functionality. Precision Frequency Measurement with encoders. Tachometers featuring seamless Modbus RTU integration for efficient control.

Head mount RTD Data logger
Signal Conditioners and Transmitters

Enhance signal integrity and ensure accurate measurements with our signal conditioners, optimizing data transmission across various sensors and control systems.

At Pixsys Electronics, we continually strive to push the boundaries of technological advancement in the process control and automation industry. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to developing new and innovative products that cater to the ever-evolving needs of our customers.
Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do, and we pride ourselves on providing exceptional support and technical assistance. Our team of experienced engineers is always ready to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your specific requirements.
Join us on this journey of innovation and experience the reliability and efficiency that Pixsys Electronics brings to your industrial automation projects. Explore our extensive product range and discover how we can help you achieve excellence in process control.
Contact us today to discuss your automation needs or to learn more about our state-of-the-art products. Together, let's shape a smarter and more automated future for your industry with Pixsys Electronics!

Pixsys Electronics USA

Pixsys Electronics products are sold and supported by Datexel LLC in the USA.


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