Discover Precision Panel Meters with OLED Displays.

Discover Cutting-Edge Panel Meters with OLED Displays at Pixsys. From the STR551 with versatile display options to the STR561's load cell capabilities, STR571's Modbus functionality, and STR581 Counter Tachometer—experience precision measurement. Set up effortlessly with the My Pixsys App

Panel Meters

This advanced panel meter features the latest OLED graphic high-resolution display, offering a multitude of display options. It can show trends, numbers, engineering units, or be set up as a bar graph. As a Modbus Slave, it seamlessly integrates into your automation systems.
Designed specifically for load cell or strain gauge applications, the STR561 panel meter comes equipped with relays, 4-20 mA retransmission, and Modbus Slave functionality. Ensure accurate readings and smooth integration with your process control systems.
Need a Modbus display device? The STR571 is the perfect choice. With the ability to show up to 8 Modbus registers and equipped with two relays, this panel meter offers reliable monitoring and control for your critical processes.
Counter Tachometer: Stay on top of counting and tachometer applications with the STR581. This versatile panel meter provides accurate counting and speed measurement, making it ideal for a wide range of industrial tasks.
Experience precision measurement made simple with Pixsys panel meters. Effortlessly set up and manage your devices using the My Pixsys App, streamlining your monitoring and control operations."

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