Modbus Enabled Panel Meter
  • Features
    • Universal Analog Input
    • Optional Modbus RTU Output
    • 24 to 230 V AC/DC power
    • NFC Programmable
    • PID Control
    • 32 x 74 mm cut out
    • Isolated
    • White Long Range LED Display

Modbus Enabled Panel Meter

Modbus enabled panel meter
ATR144 Modbus Enabled Panel Meter: Precision and Versatility Redefined

Discover the ATR144 Modbus Enabled Panel Meter – a cutting-edge solution that redefines precision and versatility for your industrial processes. Designed to excel as a Modbus RTU Slave, this powerful panel meter integrates seamlessly into your Modbus network, enhancing data communication and control.

Key Features:

Universal Analog Input:
The ATR144 is equipped with a universal analog input that can handle a diverse range of signals, including 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA, 0-1 V, 0-5V, 0-10 V, and 0-60 mV. Additionally, it seamlessly supports various thermocouples, such as K, S, R, J, T, E, N, or B type, as well as RTDs like Pt100, Pt500, and Pt1000, and NTC 10K and PTC 1K thermistors. This exceptional flexibility allows you to monitor and control different processes with ease.

Optional Modbus RTU Output:
Seamlessly integrate the ATR144 into your Modbus network with the optional Modbus RTU output. This feature enables smooth communication and data exchange with other devices, enhancing your system's efficiency.

Wide Power Supply Range:
Operating with a power supply of 24 to 230 V AC/DC, the ATR144 adapts to various power sources, making it a reliable choice for different setups and installations.

NFC Programmable:
Embrace modern programming convenience using NFC technology. Program the ATR144 easily through your Android device with the downloadable app. Alternatively, utilize the front keys or LabVIEW software with a laptop for flexible programming options.

PID Control:
With built-in PID control functionality, the ATR144 enables precise regulation of your system. Benefit from one or two control relay outputs to maintain optimum process parameters.

Compact Design:
The ATR144 features a 32 x 74 mm cutout, ensuring a space-saving and easy installation process.

Electrical Isolation:
Safety is paramount, and the ATR144 delivers with 2500V isolation between the power supply, signal input, and output. This isolation shields your system from potential electrical hazards.

White Long Range LED Display:
Experience enhanced visibility with the ATR144's white LED display. The long-range visibility ensures you can monitor your processes from a distance without any difficulty.

ATR144 Specifications

K type Thermocouple -436 to 2480℉ -260 to 1360℃
S type Thermocouple -40 to 3200℉ -40 to 1760℃
R type Thermocouple -40 to 3200℉ -40 to 1760℃
J type Thermocouple -326 to 2192℉ -200 to 1200℃
T Type Thermocouple -436 to 752℉ -260 to 400℃
E Type Thermocouple -436 to 1796℉ -260 to 980℃
N Type Thermocouple -436 to 2336℉ -260 to 1280℃
B Type Thermocouple 212 to 3308℉ 100 to 1820℃
RTD PT100 -328 to 1112℉ -200 to 600℃
NI 100 -76 to 350℉ -60 to 180℃
NI 120 -76 to 464℉ -60 to 240℃
NTC 10K Ohm Thermistor -40 to 257℉ -40 to 125℃
NTC 10K Ohm Omega -40 to 302℉ -40 to 150℃
NTC 2252 Omega -40 to 302℉ -40 to 150℃
PTC 1K Ohm Thermistor -58 to 302℉ -50 to 150℃
PT500 -326 to 1112℉ -200 to 600℃
PT1000 -326 to 1112℉ -200 to 600℃
Voltage 0 to 1V
Voltage 0 to 5V
Voltage 0 to 10V
Current 0 to 20mA 4 to 20mA
mV 0 to 60mV
Potentiometer 1 to 6K 1 to 150K
Digital Input 1 PNP.
Output 2 or 3 x Relays 8 A. SSR.
Power Supply 24V to 230 Vac/Vdc.
Power Consumption 8VA max.
Power Supply Operative -32℉ +113℉ -0℃ +45℃
Humidity (non condensing) 35-95%.
Housing Polycarbonate UL94V2 self-extinguishing
Dimensions 1.25" x 2.9 " x 2.12", 32 x 74x x 54 mm.
Weight 4 oz 120 g.
EMC For industrial environments.
Immunity: EN 61000-6-2.
Emission: EN 61000-6-4.
Configuration RFID, NFR, PC Configurable, Memory Card

ATR144 Wiring Connections

Power Supply ATR144-ABC ATR144-ABC-T
Positive Terminal 1 Terminal 1
Negative Terminal 2 Terminal 2
Relay 1
Normally Closed Terminal 3 Terminal 3
Common Terminal 4 Terminal 4
Normally Open Terminal 5 Terminal 5
Relay 2
Common Terminal 6
Normally Open Terminal 7
ModBus RS485 Negative 6
Positive 7
T/C's, Voltage, mA Positive 12 Positive 12
Negative 11 Negative 11
12 V Power Supply Positive 9 Positive 9
Thermistor Terminal 10 Terminal 10
Terminal 11 Terminal 11
RTD and Potentiometer
Wiper Terminal 11 Terminal 11
Common Terminal 11 and 12 Terminal 11 and 12
ATR144 Panel Meter wiring diagram
Modbus Enabled Panel Meter
What can the ATR144 be used for?

The ATR144 is a panel meter that can measure a process variable, compare it to the desired setpoint and send a corrective signal to control the process variable.

Can the ATR144 be used as a controller?

The ATR144 is a panel meter and a controller. It can be used as a panel meter with limit alarms or a PID Controller.

What input signal does the ATR144 accept?

The ATR144 can be configured to accept all standard Thermocouples, RTD's, current 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA. Voltage 0-10 Vdc, or any voltage in that range. It can also accept thermistors, both PTC and NTC. The input can also be resistance or potentiometer.

What is the RS485 port for on the ATR144?

The RS485 uses the Modbus RTU protocol to set up various registers in the ATR144 panel meter. It can write to registers such as the setpoint, and it can be used to read a register, such as the process variable.


The ATR144 Modbus Enabled Panel Meter finds its applications across industries, from industrial automation and manufacturing to environmental monitoring and more. With its unrivaled versatility, it adapts effortlessly to your specific needs.

Upgrade Your Control Systems Today:

Invest in the ATR144 Modbus Enabled Panel Meter to elevate your control systems to new heights of efficiency and precision. Harness the power of Modbus integration and experience unparalleled monitoring capabilities for your critical processes.

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