Versatile CANopen and Modbus RTU IO Modules

Experience the efficiency of our CANopen and Modbus RTU IO Modules – a single solution for dual protocol support. Simplify your setup and optimize industrial performance

I/O Modules


Discover our diverse range of CANopen and Modbus IO Modules, carefully designed to meet your specific industrial needs. Each IO Module offers unique functionalities and combinations to enhance your automation process.

Digital Output Modules

Explore our selection of Digital Output Modules designed for precise control and actuation. These modules feature reliable Modbus and CANbus communication, making them an ideal choice for industrial applications requiring digital outputs.

Digital Input Modules

Discover our range of Digital Input Modules for real-time monitoring and data acquisition. These modules support various input types and are compatible with Modbus and CANbus communication for seamless integration.

Analog Input Modules

Optimize your industrial processes with our Analog Input Modules offering precise analog measurements. These modules are designed for seamless integration and enhanced control.

Analog Output Modules

Discover our range of Analog Output Modules designed to provide precise control and signal conversion for your industrial processes. These modules offer reliable Modbus and CANbus communication, enabling seamless integration into your automation systems.

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