Modbus, CANbus to Analog and Digital IO
  • Features
    • Thermocouple Inputs
    • 4-20mA Inputs
    • 0-10V Inputs
    • RTD Inputs
    • Potentiometer Inputs
    • 4-20mA Output
    • 0-10V Output
    • 16 Digital Inputs or Outputs
    • CANopen or Modbus DIP Switch Selectable
    • RS485

Modbus, CANbus to Analog and Digital IO

Modbus and CANbus  Analog and Digital IO infographics

Unlock Enhanced Control and Connectivity with the MCM260X-9AD Analog and Digital Converter.

Experience seamless integration of analog and digital signals into Modbus or CANopen protocols with the MCM260X-9AD converter. Boasting unparalleled versatility and precision, this device empowers your control systems to achieve new levels of performance and adaptability.

Key Features:

Selectable Input Range :
Effortlessly accommodate a diverse range of input sources including thermocouples, 4-20mA, 0-10V, RTD's, potentiometers, and thermistors. Whether it's temperature, voltage, or current, the MCM260X-9AD ensures compatibility with your preferred sensors.
Selectable Output Range:
Choose between 4-20mA or 0-10V output signals to seamlessly interface with various control systems, offering flexibility in voltage or current requirements.
Digital I/O Flexibility:
With 16 digital I/O ports, each configurable as either a digital input or output, the MCM260X-9AD adds a layer of versatility to your setup, enabling precise control over your digital peripherals.
Protocol Selection via DIP Switches:
Easily switch between Modbus or CANopen communication protocols using intuitive DIP switches. Enjoy high-speed data transmission at 115200 baud rate for Modbus and 1 Mbit/sec for CANopen, ensuring efficient and reliable operation.
Wide Range of Supported Inputs:
From thermocouples (K, J, S, R types) and RTD's (Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000, Ni100K) to thermistors (PTC, NTC), 4-20mA, 0-10V, and potentiometers, the MCM260X-9AD supports an extensive array of input signals, providing comprehensive compatibility for diverse applications.
Compact and Mountable Design:
Featuring a compact form factor and DIN rail mounting capability, the MCM260X-9AD is designed for space-efficient installation, making it ideal for both new installations and retrofit projects.

MCM260X-9AD Specifications

Analog Input
Thermocouples K,J, R and S type
Current 0-20mA , 4-20mA.
Voltage 0-1Volt, 0-10Volt.
RTD's Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000, 500Ni.
Thermistors PTC, NTC
Potentiometer 0-6, 1-150 K Ohm.
Analog Output
Current 4-20mA
Voltage 0-10Volts
Power Supply 12...24Vac/Vdc.
Power Consumption 100VA max.
Temperature Range Operative-32°F +113°F -0°C +45°C
Humidity (non condensing) 35-95%.
Housing DIN Rail
Dimensions 3.5" x 2.8" x 2.3", 90 x 71 x 58 mm
Weight 14 oz 460 g
EMC For industrial environments.
Immunity: EN 61000-6-2.
Emission: EN 61000-6-4.
Configuration PC Configurable, USB.

MCM260X-9AD Wiring Connections

Power Supply
Positive 12...24Vdc Terminal 1
Negative Terminal 2
Input Analog Input 1Analog Input 2Analog Input 3Analog Input 4
Thermocouple + Terminal 6 Terminal 9 Terminal 27 Terminal 30
Thermocouple - Terminal 5 Terminal 8 Terminal 26 Terminal 29
RTD Leg 1 Terminal 5 Terminal 8 Terminal 26 Terminal 29
RTD Leg 2 Terminal 6 Terminal 9 Terminal 27 Terminal 30
RTD Common Terminal 7 Terminal 10 Terminal 28 Terminal 31
Thermistor Leg 1 Terminal 5 Terminal 8 Terminal 26 Terminal 29
Thermistor Leg 2 Terminal 7 Terminal 10 Terminal 28 Terminal 31
mA and Voltage Input + Terminal 5 Terminal 9 Terminal 27 Terminal 30
mA and Voltage Input - Terminal 5 Terminal 8 Terminal 26 Terminal 29
Analog Output Analog Output 1Analog Output 2
Positive Terminal 11 Terminal 32
Negative Terminal 12 Terminal 33
Digital Inputs/Outputs
Input/Output 1 Terminal 21 Terminal 13
Input/Output 2 Terminal 21 Terminal 14
Input/Output 3 Terminal 21 Terminal 15
Input/Output 4 Terminal 21 Terminal 16
Input/Output 5 Terminal 21 Terminal 17
Input/Output 6 Terminal 21 Terminal 18
Input/Output 7 Terminal 21 Terminal 19
Input/Output 8 Terminal 21 Terminal 20
Input/Output 9 Terminal 42 Terminal 34
Input/Output 10 Terminal 42 Terminal 35
Input/Output 11 Terminal 42 Terminal 36
Input/Output 12 Terminal 42 Terminal 37
Input/Output 13 Terminal 42 Terminal 38
Input/Output 14 Terminal 42 Terminal 39
Input/Output 15 Terminal 42 Terminal 40
Input/Output 16 Terminal 42 Terminal 41

MCM260X-9AD Wiring Layout

Modbus and CANbus  Analog and Digital IO wiring diagram

Enhance your control system's capabilities with the multipurpose MCM260X-9AD. With options for Modbus or CANbus protocols, as well as versatile analog and digital inputs and outputs, the MCM260X-9AD offers unparalleled flexibility to meet your specific control system requirements.

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