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Pixsys Electronics was established in early 1990 and is a market leader in PID Temperature Controllers, Programmable Logic Controllers, Human Machine Interface units, Panel PC, Panel Indicators, Modbus and CANopen IO Modules and Signal Conditioners. Pixsys Electronics is continuing to develop new products for the process control and industrial automation market.

PID and Temperature Controllers
PID Controllers

The ATR and DRR range of Panel Controllers and DIN rail mount Controllers.

Range of Panel Meters
Panel Meters

Range of Panel Meters using the latest OLED graphic high-resolution displays.

Programmable Logic Controllers
Analog and Digital PLC's

Low cost OEM PLC. Analog and Digital PLC's with Web server.

HMI's and Panel PC
HMI's and Panel PC

HMI's and PANEL PC's with built-in Analog and Digital IO modules and built-in Soft PLC.

CANopen and Modbus IO Modules
CANopen and Modbus IO Modules

CANopen and Modbus IO Modules designed to work with HMI, Panel PC and any other Industrial application. Analog and digital inputs and outputs.

Timers, Tachometers.
Timers, Tachometers.

Electronic Timers, Time-ON, Time-OFF, Pause ON/OFF, Oscillator and PWM with optional Modbus RTU.

Counter with Modbus
Counter, Tachometers

Process Counters with increase and decrease count. Frequency with encoders and Tachometers with Modbus RTU.

Head mount RTD Data logger
Signal Conditioners and Transmitters

Head mount temperature transmitters and Din Rail converters with Data Logging features.

Pixsys Electronics USA

Pixsys Electronics products are sold and supported by Datexel LLC in the USA.


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