Programmable Multi Cycle Temperature Controller
  • Features
    • Set point Display
    • Plug in Process Controller
    • Memory Card Programmable
    • 15 Cycles 18 Steps
    • Output 2 Relays 1 Amp

Programmable Multi Cycle Temperature Controller

Programmable Multi Cycle Temperature Controller

The Programmable Multi Cycle Temperature Controller ATR902 is a plug in programmable temperature controller which is able to have up to 18 segments such as heat, cool and dwell over various time periods. The ATR902 can store up to 15 sequences. It has six keys for programming and there are also keys to stop, start the process and also step through the process. The ATR902 has 2 relays with a contact rating of 1 Amp. The ATR902 accepts sensor inputs from K, J, S, T, N, R or E type thermocouples.
The ATR902 has a bar graph display indicating the progress through the program and two 4 digit displays, one for the process variable and the other for the set point.
The ATR902 is able to withstand environmental conditions and an optional support bracket is available to help with mounting the controller.
Desired control is maintained with on/off control or P, PI, PD or PID and auto tuning. The ART902 was designed with the ceramics industry in mind but can also be used in many other applications, such as glass, jewelry and dental kilns.

ATR902 Specifications

Input °F °C
K Type Thermocouple -436 to 2480°F -260 to 1360°C
S Type Thermocouple -40 to 3200°F -40 to 1760°C
R Type Thermocouple -40 to 3200°F -40 to 1760°C
J Type Thermocouple -328 to 1796°F -200 to 980°C
E Type Thermocouple -328 to 1364°F -436 to 740°C
N Type Thermocouple -328 to 2336°F -260 to 1280°C
Relays 2 1 A 250V AC
Power Supply: 24 to 230Vac/Vdc.
Power Consumption: 4VA max.
Temperature rating: Operative- 32°F +113°F -0°C +45°C
Humidity: (non condensing) 35-95%.
Housing: Polycarbonate UL94V2 self-extinguishing
Dimensions: 4.7 " x 2.6 " x 3.75", 120 x 65 x 70 mm.
Weight: 7.8 oz 250 g.
EMC. For industrial environments.
Immunity:EN 61000-6-2.
Emission: EN 61000-6-4.
Configuration: PC Configurable, Memory Card

ATR902 Wiring Connections

Power supply
Live Terminal 5
Negative Terminal 1 or 2
Thermocouple Positive Terminal 3
Thermocouple Negative Terminal 4
Control Output Terminal 6
Aux output Terminal 6


One Analog input, Two Relay Outputs, Power Supply 230 V ac/dc

4 Digit PID Controller 115 Vac power

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